Merry Christmas

With Christmas almost upon us, we can look back on a year that was shaped by successful cooperation with our customers, working together as equals. Moreover, we witnessed the great cohesion and passion of our employees every day.

We wanted to make this Christmas greetings special …

Don’t think so? Then have a closer look at the picture. It is a combination of human and artificial creativity.

It could be a nice gimmick to end the year. But it’s more than that!

For us at INFORM, 2023 was all about artificial intelligence. That’s why we put the interaction between humans and AI to the creative test on this card.

What did we find out?

AI inspires us to take on new ideas! Because humans are creative! Find out more and visit our digital gallery and we hope you enjoy it.

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We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas as well as good luck, health and success for the coming year.